Kalvatin™ Dental Spray
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Kalvatin™ Dental Spray

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Kalvatin™ Dental Spray (.7 oz - 18ml)

With the natural power of cold-adapted marine enzymes, Kalvatin Dental Spray creates an active barrier to reduce microbial adhesion, providing gums and teeth a defense against bacteria that cause gingivitis, plaque, and tartar. The result is better oral health for pets with the potential for fewer anesthesia-based dental surgeries.

Kalvatin was developed by veterinarians for veterinarians, designed to be an easy-to-use product sold direct through your veterinarian. Pet owners will love the all-natural effectiveness of Kalvatin, and reduced need for anesthesia- based dentals.

  • Clinically proven effective formulation
  • Preventative for Plaque and Tartar
  • Treatment for Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease
  • Effective pre-treatment for traditional dentals
  • Effective post-dental maintenance program after dentals
Uses:  to be used as a preventative (1x daily), as a treatment (2x daily) or as a pre-dental (2x daily).
Shelf life:  2 years at room temperature (3 years when refrigerated) - Do not store above 77°F (25°C) for any extended period of time.  For best results and extended product life keep refrigerated.
Product Price:  $39.50/unit  (Product lasts 2 months as a preventative)